Belashful Beauty specialise in a full range of body waxing treatments including leg, eyebrow shaping and intimate brazilian, bikini and g-string waxing.

Here at Belashful we use hot wax which is used mainly for those delicate areas such as intimate waxing, underarms and the face. We use the brand Caron Lab which is gentle on your skin. Good waxing results depend on what you do before, after and in-between your waxing appointments.


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  • Please advise us if you have been taking accutane or steroidal medications (or any other medication that thins the skin).
  • Please arrive with clean skin (no moisturiser and preferably no makeup). Antibacterial wipes are provided to freshen up prior to intimate and underarm waxing. 
  • If you are sensitive or this is your first time waxing you may like to take a panadol or nurofen 30 minutes prior to your waxing appointment 
  • The growth of your hair being waxed must be 3-4 mm long for effective waxing. 
  • Avoid an AHA , Retinol or glycloic peels 4 weeks prior to waxing 
  • Do not wax if your skin is irritated, or if you have any active conditions or infections in the area such as rashes, cuts, eczema or coldsores. If you are taking Accutane, any steroidal or skin thinning medications you must let us know as you have a highly increased chance of side effects.